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Precision Machined Parts for Heavy Equipment

Since 1978, Drexler-Markette has excelled at the production high performance machine parts. Using a variety of metals, our manufactured parts include pins, bushings, shafts, spindles and bearings for mobile machinery. Our machined components are specially made and used by heavy equipment manufacturers within the gas, mining, construction, logging and agricultural industries.

We are a custom machine shop producing high and low volume parts according to exact customer specifications. We work with all major metal alloys, including alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and bronze.

Our highest priority is to provide customers with quality parts, competitive rates, on-time delivery and unprecedented service. We also offer value-add services, such as stocking programs, volume discounts, and regular shipment schedules.

As evidenced by high performance ratings and direct customer feedback, we've become a reliable partner to many companies around the country.

Find out how Drexler-Markette Manufacturing can deliver quality parts to you. Using your existing blueprints, we can provide a price quote for your review and approval.

Types of Manufacturers Who Rely on Us

We can produce reliable parts for any type of mobile machinery, including manufacturers of the following types of heavy equipment:

Examples of Precision Parts We Can Manufacture

Below are examples of parts already produced for various customers. If your specific part is not listed, please contact us directly or submit your information using our request form.

Common Types of Pins:
Alloy Steel Pins
Aluminum Pins
Anchor Pins
Brass Pins
Bronze Pins
Bucket Pins
Cross Arm Pins
Expanding Clevis Pins
Ground Pins
King Pins
Pin Assemblies
Pivot Pins
Soft-Hardened Pins
Special Welded Head Pins
Stainless Steel Pins
Steel Pins
Stub Pins
Timing Pins
Trunnion Pins
Wear Pins
Common Types of Bushings:
Alloy Steel Bushings
Aluminum Bushings
Flanged Bushings
Brass Bushings
Bronze Bushings
Grooved Bushings
Ground Steel Bushings
Hardened Bushings
Stainless Steel Bushings
Steel Bushings

Additional Types of Parts:
Sleeve Bearings
Transmission Sleeves