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A Simple and Effective Process

Our approach is simple - produce quality parts at competitive rates, delivered on time. What is our ultimate goal? Complete customer satisfaction.

We encourage an open line of communication with our customers. Using a proactive approach, we've proven that we listen closely and respond to questions in a timely manner. We also routinely evaluate and propose ideas to reduce customer costs or increase operational efficiencies.

Quality Parts

Every part is built and inspected according to customer specifications. And our production facility is equipped to handle any quantity of parts you need. We are ISO 9001 compliant and have a documented quality assurance plan which we share with our customers.

Our standard lead times are based on four weeks for manufacturing and one week for delivery within the continental U.S. and Canada We have the ability to respond much faster for 'hot' orders and offer various inventory options if the need arises.

Competitive Rates

Our two primary outsourcing requirements involve heat-treating and plating. As a result of our increased business volume over the past several years, our external partners have provided us with favorable pricing programs and shorter lead times. These positive results have allowed us to remain price competitive and share the savings with our customers.

On-Time Delivery

We currently ship from our manufacturing facility located north of Toronto. Our customers designate which common carrier is to be used. We are also conveniently situated within five miles of a major international airport and a Federal Express facility.




Focus & Approach